These are excellent knives! They very comfortably fit in the hand with a perfect balance for a pinch grip. I am left handed and they still fit perfectly. They feel like an extension of the hand more than any other knives I own. The fit of the handle is very good with no gaps and the wood is beautiful. The Damascus cladding comes through nicely and is easy to see. The edge geometry is very good and makes for a smooth cut. Beyond the technical aspects of the knife, Viktor has excellent customer service. I had a bunch of questions and he was very prompt with answers. He clearly has a passion for his craft and is excited to share it with others.

Luke Grosh 

The santoku, chef's, and pairing knives were a gift for my fiancée, and she found them perfect in every way. They are elegantly designed and crafted and sharpen and perform well. Viktor was very kind and the shipping was much faster than expected. I will recommend them to anyone who will listen and plan to buy a bread knife for myself.

Riley McGee / Chef and baker

I received my two knives about a week ago and have been using them exclusively since.
The fitup between bolster, spacers and handle is excellent.
The bolster has a nice uniform brushed finish and the blade shows it's beautiful damascus very well.
The edge is really even and shaving sharp right from the box. the geometry of the cutting edge is well thought out and perfectly executed. Nothing to complain about.
The wood of the handle is interesting and beautiful. my small knife has a beautfilly burled wood handle
The shape of handle and bolster makes it fit very well in the hand and the ergonomics is great.
Overall a great buy and will probably buy another knife in the future.

Sebastian Larsson

Har tidigare jobbat som kock i 22 år å äntligen hittat riktigt bra knivar. Inte bara otroligt vackra utan ligger skönt i handen med bra tyngd och balans. Rakbladsskärpa som skär skönt i tex. grönsakerna. Hacka lök är som att skära i smör.

Christian Thoresson / chef

My expectations were exceeded. Extremely beautiful and sharp knives.

Oskar Jönsson / chef

Har alltid haft svårt att hitta en bra brödkniv som kan hantera olika sorters bröd. Nu har jag äntligen hittat den & används flitigt varje dag!

Ida Fraser