To create something that always been a passion and hobby to a business. Is a dream I want to achieve...

I have always loved being the kitchen ever since I was a small child and got to help my dad cook dinner. Perhaps it was not so strange that I then became a chef in my professional life. The whole world around me became my workplace and the curiosity of all flavours and kitchen techniques never ceased to amaze me.

In 2014 I released my first cookbook. I wanted to inspire people with my flavours and fusion cooking. The book opened many new doors and the curiosity for entrepreneurship aroused in me. For many years I collaborated with different companies and travelled the world for inspiration on what my ultimate project would be.

A little unexpectedly I started learning about the craft of creating functional and beautiful knives. Perhaps not so strange though, knives have been a hobby for me ever since I started working in the kitchen. As a chef, the knife is your most essential tool and your craft depend on how you sharpen them, take care of them, and use them.

I have developed and finetuned my Damascus knives for almost 6 years before they were exactly as I wanted them to be. Certain things cannot be stressed. Knives have their own essences, and every blade needs years of tests to learn how they behave over time. The hardness you want in the blade. The steels you want to enclose your core steel. And the best suited grinding. Yes, there are many details that have kept me up at night.

I have also put a lot of thoughts and passion into finding the right handles. Too many knives have good steel but useless or uncomfortable handles. I wanted to create a handle that feels like you become one with your knife. Where the blade and handle merge. But also, a handle that fits left- and right-handed, professionals as well as happy amateur chefs.

When you grab one of my knives you should feel in control. The beautiful knife becomes your tool to succeed in the kitchen. Or perhaps it is a gift for someone special, who appreciates food of all levels.

The Raw Obsession series will be followed by many more. Stay tuned. But I do not stress. Knives must take their time to become just right. Knives have their own essence.

Viktor Ingemarsson