It´s all about the small obsessions in life. Like that crispy weather that is perfect for a wild chanterele hunt. Or the sound of a sharp blade hitting the cutting board when you chop your challot into thin stripes with a graceful hand. 
Obsession is the perfection in its rawest form. 
Raw Obsession 

More info about our knifes 

67 layers 

33x2 layers 316/316L stainless steel 

1 core layer 10cr15+ stainless steel

Vacuum heat treatment


Our Damascus chef knife is a pure craft from the blade to the end of the handle.
We have designed it for you to be one with the knife in the kitchen.
The core of the blade is made of a hybrid steel 10cr15+ (cr15nov / VG-10) and has a hardness of 60-61HCR.
The other bearings are made of stainless steel 316/316l and together they have been vacuum-treated.
This means that the sharpness lasts a long time and maintains a scale of N8 for a long time with easier knife care. The handle is made of sycamore and brass.

"We have many partners that are helping us in making our knifes. This dream would have been impossible if it were not for our amazing partners. Like our partners in China that make our hand made blades. And our local grind master here in Sweden that we collaborate with to make sure the blades get the perfect grind."

A man blacksmith forging a hot knife blade using a hammer.jpg

The santoku, chef's, and pairing knives were a gift for my fiancée, and she found them perfect in every way. They are elegantly designed and crafted and sharpen and perform well. Viktor was very kind and the shipping was much faster than expected. I will recommend them to anyone who will listen and plan to buy a bread knife for myself.

Thank you Viktor!
Riley and Sierra

Reley and Sierra / chefs


These are excellent knives! They very comfortably fit in the hand with a perfect balance for a pinch grip. I am left handed and they still fit perfectly. They feel like an extension of the hand more than any other knives I own. The fit of the handle is very good with no gaps and the wood is beautiful. The Damascus cladding comes through nicely and is easy to see. The edge geometry is very good and makes for a smooth cut.

Beyond the technical aspects of the knife, Viktor has excellent customer service. I had a bunch of questions and he was very prompt with answers. He clearly has a passion for his craft and is excited to share it with others.

Luke Grosh / chef

Har tidigare jobbat som kock i 22 år å äntligen hittat riktigt bra knivar. Inte bara otroligt vackra utan ligger skönt i handen med bra tyngd och balans. Rakbladsskärpa som skär skönt i tex. grönsakerna. Hacka lök är som att skära i smör.

Christian Thoresson / chef

Hand made damascus knife crafter

To create something that always been a passion and hobby to a business. Is a dream I want to achieve...

I have always loved being the kitchen ever since I was a small child and got to help my dad cook dinner. Perhaps it was not so strange that I then became a chef in my professional life. The whole world around me became my workplace and the curiosity of all flavours and kitchen techniques never ceased to amaze me.

In 2014 I released my first cookbook. I wanted to inspire people with my flavours and fusion cooking. The book opened many new doors and the curiosity for entrepreneurship aroused in me. For many years I collaborated with different companies and travelled the world for inspiration on what my ultimate project would be.

A little unexpectedly I started learning about the craft of creating functional